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Manila Hearing Aid:
40 Years as Pioneer in Hearing Care

In the early 70’s, Dr. Jose Abaño discovered that his father has hearing problems. Fresh from his stint as an ENT doctor in New York, he searched for solutions to help his father but found the lack of state-of-the-art audiological equipment and evaluation facilities in the Philippines. This prompted him to set up Manila Hearing Aid — becoming the pioneer in the diagnostic audiology. 

First in Diagnostic Audiology

Dr. Abaño was awarded by the Philippine Society of Audiology as the pioneer in Diagnostic Audiology in 1976.  The year after that, Manila Hearing Aid is the first hearing aid center to establish the professional and complete pediatric hearing assessment facilities in the country.

Our Partners through the Years


The first hearing aid center in the Philippines to computerize its testing and hearing aid fitting system.

In the same year, Manila Hearing Aid was duly accredited and recognized by the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology, an organization of the country’s top ENT physicians.


The first hearing aid center to establish the fully integrated calibration and repair facilities for hearing care.


The first hearing aid center to use personalized ear measurement for more custom fit hearing aid application.


The first hearing aid center to introduce the Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) test and Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR).


The first hearing aid center to introduce the first digital hearing aid and the first All-Digital hearing aid, the Oticon DigiFocus.

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Dr. Liza Abaño-Robles, the first resident Filipino audiologist to complete a degree of Master of Audiology from MacQuarie University, Australia.


The first and only private hearing center to be tapped by University of Santo Tomas and University of the Philippines for their students’ practicum when they started the Audiology program.


Dr. Liza Abaño-Robles, Chief Audiologist of Manila Hearing Aid, is the first resident Filipino Audiologist to complete a degree of Doctor of Audiology from the University of Florida, USA.


Dr. Abaño-Robles became the first resident Filipino board – certified audiologist by the American Board of Audiology (Int’l).


Manila Hearing Aid Celebrates its 40th foundation anniversary.

Manila Hearing Aid Center

The pioneer in the hearing care industry since 1976. We remain to be the largest network of hearing aid diagnostic and services in the Philippines; Wholly owned and operated by hearing care practitioners working with world renowned brands.

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