Few important steps you need to take  as we re-open our clinics

Please take time to read our new policy below before you go to our clinic.

As we open our doors for you, we will be implementing these safety guidelines for everyone’s protection:

Upon Your Arrival:

  • Our clinic staff will ask you to provide truthful and full disclosure of your details in our health declaration form before assisting you to the consultation area.
  • Any person or entity who does not declare truthfully will be committing an offence under Section 9 of the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Concern Act 2018
  • If you answer YES to any of the questions in the form, you will not be allowed entry to the clinic facility.  For walk-ins, please get a number. If you have a companion, they will be advised to stay outside unless you are a minor or needs assistance.
  • Chairs are provided outside if there is not enough space to wait inside. Please observe silence in this area.
  • Social distancing is strictly being implemented.
  • We have a strict NO MASK, NO ENTRY POLICY
Manila Hearing aid makati



  • We are trained on proper hygiene and are prepared to quickly identify patients with symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Regular cleaning and sanitation before and after patient consultation is being done especially on “high touch areas”;
  • Sanitizers are available as you enter our clinic;
  • Our health care specialists are in full personal protective equipment;
  • Proper disposal of waste materials is being done regularly;

Want to Book an Appointment in our Re-opened Clinics?

For those wanting to get a consultation and/or hearing test in our re-opened clinic, please select the clinic below to book an appointment.  We give priority to pre-scheduled consultation over walk-ins at this time. 

Manila Hearing Aid Center

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