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(Home Visit Program)

We understand the need for a face-to-face appropriate ear and hearing health care services during this time of the pandemic.

We also know the difficulty that most of our patients are going through nowadays and their hesitation to visit our clinics to avoid further exposure to the virus.

We offer this hearing care home service for patients who need help in hearing aid fitting and in more delicate, hands-on hearing care solutions.

Our hearing care specialist will readily provide these to our patients to deliver a thorough hearing care program.

Rest assured that our staff is equipped with a complete personal protective equipment, along with masks, gloves, and alcohol during the entire home visit.

We make sure that both our patients and staff will be safe.

Hearing Aid Specialist on the Move

Hearing Aid Fitting

Our hearing care specialist will conduct an initial assessment which includes a check on the medical history and records.

Before any hearing care home service is done, an online hearing health care consultation would have started. And in the event that a hearing aid be the recommended solution to a hearing loss, the patient would have selected the hearing aid style.

Hearing aid fitting will be the primary purpose during the home visit.


When Online Consultation is not Enough

Do You Need a More Personal, Hands-on Treatment?

At Manila Hearing Aid, we become flexible and responsive to the needs of the times.  We will not hesitate to go out of our way to see our patients and provide the suitable interventions. Raising awareness and improving access to services can help reduce the prevalence and adverse impact of hearing loss.

Follow these Steps

How to Book a Home Service Appointment

Write Us

The first important step to take is to write Please give your name, contact info, address, and reason for the home service.

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Fill out the form

It is best to accomplish the form at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to be more specific and provide a more elaborate description of the medical condition, and the details of the hearing aid that will be used during the home service. 

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Hearing Care Consultation

To level expectations and to ensure a fast and efficient service delivery, an initial hearing health care consultation with our staff on the phone is recommended. This will validate the purpose and other resources needed for the visit.

Home Service

Our staff will go directly to the address given. A home service usually takes an hour.