Hearing aid price and other questions

Hearing Aid price, or the cost of a hearing test are some of the common questions that we receive through our website. These are part of the reasons why we make sure our clinic locations are in the malls so we can be very accessible to our patients and their relatives and be able to answer all their questions. A hearing aid price, however, is not the sole determining factor for buying a hearing aid. We make sure our patients know the broad options that are available to them.

Family-centered care is an extension of patient-led care that we at Manila Hearing Aid apply in all our clinics.  We encourage another member of the family to be with the patient during the hearing care consultation

The Manila Hearing Aid in Chinese General Hospital is our only clinic that’s located within a hospital.  Ear doctors or more commonly known as EENT in the Philippines are hospital-based. The Manila Hearing Aid branches are commonly found in major malls for accessibility, and not so much in leading hospitals, because we want to bring our services closer to our patients.  We know that coping with hearing loss happens in an environment that’s outside the hospital.

We make sure the family-centered care goes beyond the question of hearing aid price but focuses on the individual and how he can regain the self-esteem which was undermined by a hearing impairment. 

The wholehearted support of the family members is key in any treatment and goals that we set with our patients.  We believe such a commitment to this partnership is at the heart of any treatment plan and is beyond measure.  





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