Hearing Aid Repair

To date, Manila Hearing Aid has the largest portfolio of innovative hearing care solutions for all our patients, no matter the age nor degree of hearing loss. 

During this pandemic and massive lockdown, we open our hearing aid repair services. Unfortunately, cleaning and regular maintenance are not included.


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During the community quarantine, we are able to accommodate hearing aid repair services 3x-a-week for our patients whose hearing aids are coming from NCR and nearby Luzon areas.

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Latest Advisory About COVID-19


  We have identified them and  indicated the clinic hours with  contact numbers below.

For those going to our clinics, we have a new health declaration policy.  Please read before going to the clinic for check up.  

We introduced new service platforms to accommodate online and remote delivery of our services within NCR.  Do also check them out.   

Please feel free to contact us at our Customer Care Hotline +632 79756422 from Mondays to Fridays  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM or email: telemarketing@manilahearingaid.com.ph

Guidelines & Procedures

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Coverage: Only repairs of non-functioning hearing aid units

For hearing aid units to be covered by warranty, a photocopy of the warranty and of SWO with the signed waiver should be sent to the on-call hearing care specialist.

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All repair inquiries to be sent to Telemarketing@manilahearingaid.com.ph

The hearing care specialist of the day determines if the hearing aid is qualified for repair services after consultation with the technician.

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Wait for Validation of Repair and Confirmation of Fees

Only after the hearing care specialist has validated that the said hearing aid unit can be repaired, the breakdown of cost will be given to the patient.  The patient must then show proof of payment by sending the deposit slip  through Viber or email to the mobile numbers below:

+63 926 7610215  or  +63 951 8573540



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Processing of Inquiries: MWF only

Due to a lean skeletal force, inquiries and repairs will be accommodated only on specific days of the week. Therefore, please expect a longer turnaround time.



1. No Sound:
•When and how did it happen?
•Did you change to a new battery? If yes and still no sound, the unit is defective and may send the unit for repair;

2.Intermittent Sound:
•When and how did it happen?
•How frequent was the intermittent sound?
•Did you change to a new battery?
•If the problem is recurring despite changing the battery,  unit may be sent for repair;

3. Distorted Sound:
•When and how did it happen?
•How frequent?
•Did you change to a new battery?
•If the problem is recurring despite changing the battery,  unit may be sent for repair;

4.Part(s) of the Hearing Aid is damaged:

•Is the unit still working?
•If yes, no need to send for repair.
•If no, need to send for repair.

Weak and loud sound problems are usually solved by program adjustment which is performed in our clinic.


Sanitation Protocols Observed by our Staff & Lab Technicians

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Upon Receipt of Package

All our staff are equipped with masks, gloves, and detergent that will clean all hearing aids delivered to our laboratory for repair.

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Complete PPE

For our hearing care specialist who will meet patients during home visitation, our staff wears the complete personal protective equipment which Manila Hearing Aid has provided them.

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Actual Repair in a Sanitized Lab

Our technician has undergone thorough handwashing before entering the laboratory.  When repair work has begun, our technician washes his hands thoroughly before touching the hearing aids.

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Before We Return to Sender

Handwashing is done from the beginning and end of repair.