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Do you need a more personal, hands-on hearing loss treatment done at home?

At Manila Hearing Aid, we become flexible and responsive to the needs of the times.  If you need hearing aids to be fitted in the safety and comfort of your home, our hearing care specialist will first and foremost  walk you through the important steps to better hearing.

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Hearing Aids that are fitted in the safety of your home

We understand the need for a face-to-face appropriate ear and hearing health care services during this time of the pandemic. We also know the difficulty that our patients go through nowadays and their hesitation to visit our clinics to avoid further exposure to the virus.

We offer this MHACares home service for patients who need help in hearing aid fitting and who need more delicate, hands-on hearing care solutions.

Rest assured that our staff are equipped with a complete personal protective equipment, along with masks, gloves, and alcohol during the entire home visit.  We make sure that both our patients and staff are safe.


Call our hotline for a schedule

It is best to call our hotline +639175644327 or email: customerservice@manilahearingaid.com.ph.  


Fill out the pre-assessment form

There is also a form  at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to be more specific and provide a more elaborate description of the medical condition, and the details of the hearing aid that will be used during the home service.


Wait for the Confirmation

Your submitted pre-assessment form will be reviewed by our hearing care specialist. Please wait for him to make a quick interview and wait for him to confirm the appointment. He will schedule the home service at your convenience.

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Although COVID-19 has upended our lives, staff at the Manila Hearing Aid Center have ensured that the quality of service and complete understanding of their patients’ needs and environment have not diminished in any way. 

Hearing Aid Philippines

For more than four decades, Manila Hearing Aid has offered life-enhancing hearing aids.  

Discover today what we’ve been able to accomplish for many patients coming from different parts of the Philippines who are suffering from hearing loss. 

We’ve listened to their own experience of communication difficulties.

We’ve helped them to regain control of their lives through our better hearing care  services.

We’ve counseled them along with their relatives on the effective communication strategies that have made communicating with family members, friends, and colleagues easier.

We provided high quality, holistic and personalized hearing heath care products and services that the latest technology can deliver. 

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with manila hearing aid, You’re safe @HOME 

Any Manila Hearing Aid Center stands ready to support their patients during these unprecedented times. As a response to the changing hearing care needs, they have taken steps to continue business operations while maintaining seamless, professional hearing care services in the safety of your homes.

Pre-order your hearing aid now

After you have gone through the hearing test and after obtaining the results, your hearing care specialist can walk you through the different hearing aids that are available in the clinic. Manila Hearing Aid is the exclusive distributor of Phonak and Otion hearing aids.

Hearing aid price philippines

Manila Hearing Aid Center

The pioneer in the hearing care industry since 1976. We remain to be the largest network of hearing aid diagnostic and services in the Philippines; Wholly owned and operated by hearing care practitioners working with world renowned brands.

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