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Discover today at Manila Hearing Aid Cubao what we’ve been able to accomplish for many patients coming from different parts of the Philippines who suffered from hearing loss. Since Cubao is strategically located in Quezon City and is a center point for many who are coming from the nearby provinces, we provided timely help at the most critical time of their lives.

Hearing Aid Price in the Philippines 

It is totally understandable that a hearing aid price is always the first thing one asks when considering a purchase of hearing aids.  

For the purpose of comparison, the hearing aid price range of quality hearing aids is not very far from the price range of 4G smart phones that are sold in the Philippine market today.

After all, if one compares this important expense to buying a cellphone that one uses to communicate with colleagues and clients at work, then it naturally makes sense to shell out a big amount if one wants to advance in his career.  An indispensable tool should be worth your investment.



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how to find out if I need a hearing aid

The consequences are far more important in retaining one’s self-confidence and the esteem of friends, superiors and colleagues at work.  And it boils down to securing a good set of hearing aids to function optimally in the workplace.

For instance, the presence of hearing aids for someone who is suffering hearing loss is most crucial during business meetings.  

These are occasions when the boss sets the targets for the year, or when the human resource manager discusses your appraisal and key performance indicators.  Missing out on the details may mean life or death for your career.

Viewed in this way, securing quality hearing aids now achieves more than what a mobile phone can deliver in your job.


The current situation makes it necessary for us to establish new safety and hygiene protocols to guarantee the best conditions for your hearing consultation or hearing test experience.

We are complying with the safety measures of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF), the recommendation of the World Health Organization, as well as our internal safety protocol which may require your extended patience and understanding.  

We require you to fill out the health check survey below in booking an appointment.  We also shared below the Google calendar of our clinic appointments for your reference. Those times that indicate “busy” mean they are no longer available.  You may use this calendar in booking your request if you are cleared medically to go to our clinic.

Please allot at least 2 days (or 48 hours) when requesting for a schedule. This will give our Clinic Associate time to review your request and respond to you.

Any person who does not declare truthfully personal health information will be committing an offense under Section 9 of the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Concern Act (RA 11332)

The next set of questions doesn't apply to anyone who needs to secure first a medical clearance in order to book for an appointment.

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