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At Manila Hearing Aid, we have come full circle in bringing the family members together.  We present an end-to-end solution guided by our hearing care professional every step of the way.

Below are the essential steps we recommend that you take in your journey towards better hearing with Manila Hearing Aid.


Hearing Loss Treatment  Journey

If you or a loved one is experiencing the signs of hearing loss, the good news is:  you can have it checked and treated.  Speak to a hearing care professional now.  The quicker you get an expert opinion, the better your quality of life will be.

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You may text, call our landline in our clinic or send us a message through our Facebook page.

Hearing Evaluation

We provide hearing tests to help you diagnose if you have a hearing problem

hearing screening results

Hearing Consultation

At this stage, we interpret the results of your hearing tests. If you have a hearing loss, we will explain its impact in your life and recommend appropriate solutions for your specific hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once the appropriate hearing solution is selected and to use hearing aid becomes the recommendation, we will advise you on the use and care of your hearing device so that you are able to receive the maximum benefit from it.

Hearing Aid Care and Services

Our hearing care professionals will support you in maintaining a healthy hearing through follow up post-fitting visits.

Hearing Aid Repair

We provide hearing aid repair to ensure the service life of your hearing device lasts for a long time.

Latest Advisory About COVID-19


  We have identified them and  indicated the clinic hours with  contact numbers below.

For those going to our clinics, we have a new health declaration policy.  Please read before going to the clinic for check up.  

We introduced new service platforms to accommodate online and remote delivery of our services within NCR.  Do also check them out.   

Please feel free to contact us at our Customer Care Hotline +632 79756422 from Mondays to Fridays  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM or email: telemarketing@manilahearingaid.com.ph


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