Early prevention is key to managing hearing loss

Your Hearing Loss is our Main Concern

When it comes to hearing care service innovation, hearing care specialists from the Manila Hearing Aid branches are topnotch frontliners.

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The 16 Manila Hearing Aid branches nationwide have put in place extraordinary sanitation measures during this pandemic. They provide air purifiers in the clinics, equipping clinicians with complete PPEs, health screening through online channels and most importantly, they put distancing both in physical space and time by scheduling the hearing consultation and tests with steadfastness to make room for thorough disinfection.


Book appointment online

It is best to accomplish the form found on the clinic page of this website. There are 16 Manila Hearing Aid branches and each one has a dedicated page with its own booking form. We recommend you choose the one nearest to your residence. Check the clinic calendar as well before requesting for the appointment.  Accomplish and submit the health declaration form.


Wait for the confirmation email

Our clinic associates will review your submitted health declaration form and will confirm with you the schedule: day and time of your appointment.


Arrive punctually on the day of appointment

Be in the clinic 15 minutes before your schedule. Our clinic staff will guide you through our new clinic health and safety guidelines.

Post-care Services

Our service extends even after you buy your hearing aid from us. We provide you with post-care services: from regular cleaning of hearing aid to readjustments and calibrations, and technical repairs.

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On the list of hearing aid companies in the Philippines, Manila Hearing Aid stands out not only because of its spacious and modern facilities. The 16 Manila Hearing Aid branches are located strategically in big malls in the nation’s major capitals.

Manila Hearing Aid Center

The pioneer in the hearing care industry since 1976. We remain to be the largest network of hearing aid diagnostic and services in the Philippines; Wholly owned and operated by hearing care practitioners working with world renowned brands.

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