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Hearing Care Specialist

Job Summary:

Under the general supervision of the Senior Clinic Manager, primarily administers audiometric screening and threshold tests to determine functionality of auditory senses and makes the necessary recommendations thereon, in conformity with the company's strict compliance and standards for Audiometry.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Educates patients by informing them of the purpose of the test and the functions of the audiometric instruments to manage patients expectations and avoid surprises.
  2. Administers screening and threshold test, using audiometric instruments to determine hearing capacity and possible hearing aids that can be provided.
  3. Records audiometric test results and makes reports to include recommendations and possible hearing aid interventions.
  4. Explains to customer's proper usage, control, and maintenance of hearing aid for maximum usage and prolong life.
  5. Maintains and regularly calibrates audiometric instruments to ensure its precise and accurate reading. Conduct preliminary troubleshooting, if necessary, without losing warranty agreements.
  6. Receives customer's complaints on their defective hearing aids and determines possible causes of malfunctions, provide preliminary solutions to address immediate concerns.
  7. Maintains work area clean and orderly all the time: practicing diligently Five "S" principles and creating a customer friendly and pleasant work environment for customers and employee alike.
  8. Create records and files of patients ensuring their safekeeping and easy retrieval for reference purposes.
  9. Updates oneself on the latest trends and developments in the science of Audiometry and Audiology.
  10. Complies with company policies and procedures and encourages others to do the same as the organization pursues its growth and development.
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Send your curriculum vitae at hrofficer@manilahearingaid.com.ph or fill-out this form (via Google Form).


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