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The impact of COVID-19 world health crisis is felt more by people suffering from hearing impairment. The new normal has made them feel more the isolation.  The Manila Hearing Aid Center offers the HearCARE Online to give its patients the safest and most convenient access to hearing care solutions.

Audiometry test
hearing test

The Manila Hearing Aid Center adapts to its patients’ changing needs. It has made hearing care services contact-free and convenient for all its patients. From online audiometry test, online teleconsultation, online hearing aid fiting, online payment and delivery, and programming and assistance on the proper use of hearing aid. All these are part of the Hear CARE Online.

Hearing test

This online hearing test will only take 3 minutes and can be accessed from your mobile phone.

audiometry test

Access the online audiometry test

The e-screener is a free application which allows people to check their hearing regularly and intervene early in case of hearing impairment.

The e-screener has two parts. In the first part, three tones are played at different frequencies and the user needs to set the loudness such that the tones are barely audible. The screener application does not analyze the absolute loudness of the tones but instead only takes into account the hearing threshold slope. The concept is equivalent to a standard audiogram test.


Wear headphones

The second part of the online hearing check consists of four questions referring to everyday hearing situations.

Afterwards, the overall result of the test is calculated based on the hearing threshold slope and the answers to the questions. 

You will need headphones for this test. There are also instructions clerly laid out for you to ensure both ears can hear the tones.


Leave your email address

It will be good if you can leave your email address where we can email you the results of this online audiometry test. 

Please note that this is only a diagnostic evaluation. It does not replace the professional hearing test. An initial chat with a hearing care specialist is needed after taking the online audiometry test.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I take the online hearing test, do I always have to leave my email address?

You will only be asked to leave your email address if you want to get a detailed report. This detailed report will also be emailed simultaneously to the hearing care specialist who will call you to interpret the results and, if you allow her, to interview you for other relevant information to determine if indeed you have a certain degree of hearing loss.

If I failed this online hearing test, does it mean I have a hearing loss?

Not necessarily. This online hearing test is the closest thing to the audiometry test that Manila Hearing Aid has in its clinic.  It only serves as a diagnostic evaluation of your hearing. It is important that you speak to our hearing care specialist immediately so she can ascertain if indeed you have hearing loss. It usually takes a number of one-on-one online consultations before a hearing loss can be established.

Am I required to buy a hearing aid after the online consultation?

No. This free online hearing test is given as an extra service to all individuals who are interested to know if they are suffering from a certain degree of hearing loss.  Having it online spares them from going to the clinic. At this time of the pandemic, this  may already assuage the fears that come from being exposed too much too soon after the GCQ.

Will you deliver a hearing aid for fitting?

If the hearing care specialist assessed that you have a certain degree of hearing loss which can best be resolved or improved with the use of a hearing aid, she will send you the hearing aid of your choice via Lalamove.  Please take note that you will make this choice after you have been presented the different types and styles of hearing aids that Manila Hearing Aid offers to its patients. Actual costs of the hearing aids, and delivery fees will be given as well during the consultation.

Safe and fast

Contact-free Audiometry test

Specially at this time when isolation and social distancing are common, optimal hearing is essential and any degree or types of hearing impairment have to be managed or looked into with urgency.

Manila Hearing Aid batteries

To ensure that you are always connected, we also can deliver your hearing aid batteries.

audiometry test

Call our hotline or through Lazada

We deliver your hearing aid battery.  You may call our hotline: +63 926 761 0215 or connect through Lazada and look for Manila Hearing Aid Center’s flagship store.

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