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Dr. Liza Robles-abaño Au.D

Dr. Jose F. Abaño Jr.
Founder | The Father of Hearing Care in the Philippines

Dr. Abaño Today:

At 80+ years old, in his retirement years, he continues his advocacy of helping the Filipino hearing-impaired, through Manila Hearing Aid as the country’s leading hearing healthcare provider.

Pioneering Hearing Care:

In the 1970s, Dr. Abaño completed his ENT training in New York USA where he was exposed to complete diagnostic treatment and management of hearing-impaired people. Upon his return to the Philippines, he searched for the same treatment and management facilities he experienced in the US. In addition, he also looked for better treatment option for his own father, a general med doctor, who also had hearing loss.

The circumstances at that time, led him to establish a complete hearing center comparable to the centers in the US where he trained. His goal was to serve the Filipino hearing-impaired community and give them excellent treatments, management, and care options.

In 1976, together with an audiologist and speech pathologist from the United States, he founded Manila Hearing Aid (MHA) and pioneered diagnostic audiology in the Philippines. He saw the need to help people with hearing loss through proper diagnosis and proper management of their hearing loss. The first clinic was in Quezon Avenue very near Tamesis Clinic where he practiced as an ENT owned by the famous Ophthalmologist Dr. Jesus Tamesis. Daily, after his ENT practice, he would visit Manila Hearing Aid to mentor the hearing care specialists who handled the patients.

His wife, Ms. Mabel Abaño, quit her post at Central Bank Philippines, to grow the business.

Together, they led MHA, to achieve many firsts in the hearing healthcare industry such as the first complete diagnostic clinic to assess adults and children hearing impairment; the first hearing clinic to be accredited and recognized by the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology; the first earmold laboratory, the first hearing clinic to use objective pediatric test equipment, and other notable achievements in the industry.

Accomplishments in the Hearing Care Industry:

  • helping UST and UP establish training courses related to audiology
  • collaborating with deaf schools, like Philippine Institute of the Deaf, on helping the needs of its students
  • collaborating with deaf institutions
  • establishing a mobile clinic to provide hearing assessments in different areas (This also started the awareness for industrial companies to have hearing tests for workers exposed to high levels of machinery noise).

Behind Manila Hearing Aid Now:

All his children are now continuing his legacy and growing MHA. You can check their roles in the company below:

Ana Maria Abaño

Ms. Ana Maria Abaño

Finance Manager
Master of Audiology
Dr. Liza Abaño-Robles

Dr. Liza Abaño-Robles, Au.D

General Manager
Doctor of Audiology
Dr. Joel Abaño MD

Dr. Joel Abaño MD

Medical Director
ENT Doctor
Jose Ramon Abaño III

Mr. Jose Ramon Abaño III

Chief Service & Support Officer
Master of Audiology