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Clinical Services

Industrial and Corporate Services

Clinical Services

We offer a wide array of professional audiological services to help diagnose your hearing problems.

I. Standard Tests

    • Puretone Audiometry
    • Speech Audiometry
    • Impedance Audiometry

II. Hearing Aid
     Validation Test

III. Other Tests

    • Special Test
    • Electrophysiological Test
    • Pediatric Audiometry
    • Newborn Hearing Screening
    • Tinnitus Evaluation Test

IV. Hearing Aid
       Repair Service

Industrial and Corporate Services

In our commitment to provide excellent caring service and treatment to individuals in the industrial and corporate sectors,
we also offer customized hearing care solutions.

   I.   School Hearing Screening

  II.   Pre-Employment Hearing Screening

 III.   Hearing Test for Industrial Accounts

 IV.   Hearing Conservation Test

  V.   Hearing Test for Overseas Workers

 VI.   Mobile Audiometric Van

VII.   Check-Up and Calibration of Audiometers