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We witnessed how hearing aids have enhanced relationships, increased independence, and helped our patients stay connected and involved.

New Style Hearing Aids

Hearing aids may come in many forms, sizes and shapes.

One thing is certain though.

Hearing aids that are correctly fitted by a dispensing hearing care professional in the Manila Hearing Aid clinic are still the gold standard to achieving optimal hearing.

Helping Your Loved One Become Happier


What Leading Audiologists Found Out About Hearing Aids


Dr. Thomas Powers and his colleagues, Dr. Amyn Amdani and Bradley Davis from their study, Own Voice Processing has People Talking More, learned that one of the recommended hearing instruments that has shown to get a person out of loneliness and dissatisfaction with family life is a hearing aid.

They also cited the study commissioned by the National Council on Aging which examined the relationship between hearing aid use and quality of life.  Surveys sent to 3,000 individuals with hearing loss and their family members demonstrated the following results.

Hearing aid users revealed that the use of hearing aids improved confidence (39%);

Greater participation in group activities (34%)

Improved social life (34%)

The observations from family members tended to be 10% or so higher than the users themselves.

The hearing aid that will work best for your loved one depends on the kind and severity of his hearing loss.   If your loved ones have a hearing loss in both ears, two hearing aids are generally recommended because two aids provide a more natural signal to the brain.  

Clear, rich sound

Enjoy better speech understanding in noise, less listening effort


Directly connects to TV, smartphones and more

Bluetooth Technology

Streams audio directly to both ears from Android, iOS and other Bluetooth-enabled phones

Groundbreaking rechargeable technology

24 hours of hearing with one simple charge;  The rechargeable battery is engineered to last six years.

As the exclusive distributor of Phonak and Oticon hearing aids in the Philippines, Manila Hearing Aid provides hearing loss solutions that are not only innovative but are also truly life-changing.

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