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Manila Hearing Aid Tackles Hearing Impairment at the Time of Pandemic

In the new normal, Manila Hearing Aid knows only too well that a hearing impairment that is not managed at this time of crisis will only push the hearing impaired to a prolonged feeling of isolation.

In each hearing aid center, we give them the freedom from any types of hearing impairment up to the safest and most convenient access to hearing care services.  We now offer three modes which are distinct routes to better hearing.

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This contact-free hearing care delivery method starts with online hearing screening, online teleconsultation, contactless hearing aid fitting down to online payment and delivery.  You don’t have to leave your home as each step is conducted from your mobile phone or desktop.

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Manila Hearing Aid fully understands the imminent risks that senior citizens face at this difficult time of the pandemic. In order to facilitate correct hearing aid fitting, our own hearing care specialist schedules the home visit.  There is no need to step out of one’s comfort zone.

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As businesses have re-opened, the accessible Manila Hearing Aid branches have the state-of-the-art facilities that not only offer various types of hearing aids but a wide range of quality hearing care services such as hearing test, hearing consultation, and hearing aid fitting, among others.

Generating New Ways. Solving Hearing Loss 

 We pride ourselves with these services that put our patients at the heart of our operations, that is, from a wide selection of hearing care services and our main products.  Our wide array of hearing aids are available in varying hearing aid prices which our patients can choose from.  We believe there is no-one-size-fits- all hearing care solution. Each one has to choose according to the degree of hearing impairment and lifestyle.

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Why we are trailblazing

At Manila Hearing Aid, we become flexible and responsive to the needs of the times.  If you need hearing aids to be fitted in the safety and comfort of your home, our hearing care specialist will first and foremost  walk you through the important steps to better hearing.

Rest assured that our staff is equipped with complete personal protective equipment, along with masks, gloves, and alcohol during the entire consultation.  We make sure that both our patients and staff are safe.

Reshaping the delivery of hearing care

With new platforms: online, home-based, and in-clinic services, getting to Manila Hearing Aid is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Our most updated clinic schedules

All 16 Manila Hearing Aid branches have re-opened.  Check our clinic schedules to get updated.  

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Accessibility is not an issue.  Manila Hearing Aid has the widest network of clinics,  ENT doctors that send referrals and hearing care specialists in the country.

Although COVID-19 has upended our lives, staff at the Manila Hearing Aid Center have ensured that the quality of service and complete understanding of our patients’ needs and environment have not diminished in any way. Warm, knowledgeable, and competent hearing care specialists will attend to all your questions and misgivings about hearing impairment.

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After sale support is guaranteed at Manila Hearing Aid.  We provide post-care services: from regular cleaning of hearing aid to readjustments and calibrations to hearing aid repair.  We also have battery replacements available in all Manila Hearing Aid branches through our hotline or through e-commerce.

Manila Hearing Aid Center

The pioneer in the hearing care industry since 1976. We remain to be the largest network of hearing aid diagnostic and services in the Philippines; Wholly owned and operated by hearing care practitioners working with world renowned brands.

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