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In-Clinics Services

Auditory Brainstem Response

Auditory Brain Response test is used to assess the auditory neural pathway to determine the cause of hearing loss. This is also known as the newborn hearing test.

Puretone Audiometry

Pure tone audiometry is done during the hearing test. It helps identify the degree, type, and configuration of hearing loss to diagnose the patient.

Speech Audiometry

Speech Audiometry is usually part of the fundamental hearing screening process. It involves speech recognition and the ability of a person to determine words.

Impedance Audiometry

Impedance audiometry, also known as Tympanometry, is done during the screening process to test the middle ear and the tension in the tympanic membrane.

Earmold, Noise Protectors, and Swim Plugs

Custom earmolds and earplugs help protect a person’s hearing as exposure to high levels of noise could be dangerous. We also make swim plugs that are customized to a person’s ear to prevent bacteria and water going inside a swimmer’s ear.

Speech & Auditory Rehabilitation

Speech and auditory rehabilitation aims to optimize a patient’s ability to communicate and participate in activities that have been limited because of hearing impairment.

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Online & Home-based Services

Online Hearing Screening

With our online hearing screener, you can find out how well you're hearing in just 5 minutes. Submit your contact details after taking the test for a FREE ONLINE HEARING CARE COUNSULTATION with our hearing care specialists.

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In-Clinic Appointment

Book an appointment at any of our clinics near you. We provide state of the art equipment and have highly-skilled hearing care specialists to serve you.

Home Service Appointment

We bring hearing care at your doorstep. Our hearing care specialist will bring our equipment to your home to provide our full service tailored to your needs.

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Industrial & Corporate Services

School Hearing Screening

Hearing loss can interfere with a student’s academic performance. This test provides information on the clarity of hearing of students.

Pre-employment Hearing Screening

We offer the full hearing screening for pre-employment requirements. This is done to make sure an employee meets the hearing level that is safe for the workplace and to determine any existing hearing loss.

Hearing Conservation Test

This tests the hearing capability of the employees when exposed to loud industrial sounds. This is usually done on an annual basis to thoroughly monitor the hearing status of each employee and to check the negative effects of industrial noise.

Hearing Test for Overseas Workers

International companies need hearing tests for their employees as a pre-requisite for employment. Manila Hearing Aid has been a trusted center for years especially in the marine sector.

Pediatric Audiometer

Speech recognition is the ability of a child to repeat a list of phonetically balanced words correctly. If young children do not respond verbally to basic auditory testing, they can be asked to poing to pictures, objects, or body parts. For very young children, this measure might be limited to assessment of speech detection.

Industrial and Corporate Hearing Tests

These hearing tests are usually for employees who are inevitably exposed to damaging loud noises. Examples of these workplaces are the manufacturing factories which usually have large machines, blowers and generators.

Hearing Aid Validation Test

It accurately determines the outcome of your hearing aid fitting. You will be instructed to wear your hearing aids and sit in front of the speakers. This checks if your hearing aids provide amplification benefit.

Post Care Services

Audiometer Sale Service & Calibration



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